BOT Admin Fee on Charity Revenues Ends Jun 1, 2019

It’s official! The BOT Admin Fee will no longer be collected on charity purchases of Break Open Tickets invoiced on or after June 1, 2019.  That means that as of June 1, 2019, BOT charities and non-profits will no longer see the Admin Fee on their invoices and will retain that money as part of their net proceeds. 

Download the official AGCO Information Bulletin No. 93, which includes some additional details about the process and AGCO contact information.

If you have questions or are experiencing issues, we’re here to help.  Patricia Petrolo, OCGA Member Services Coordinator, is available at or, by calling, 905-539-0065.

Thanks again to the Government of Ontario for making this exciting decision to support charitable fundraising.   We are especially grateful to Minister Fedeli, Attorney General Caroline Mulroney, Minister Rod Phillips, MPP Lindsey Park and their staff and to all of the charities that supported our request through emails, letters, and signing up to our website. 


OCGA (the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association) is the provincial association representing the majority of charities and non-profit organizations that are involved in fundraising through Break Open Tickets, bingo, raffles, and the cGaming partnership with OLG.  OCGA members are local and provincial volunteer-based organizations such as hospital auxiliaries, service clubs, children and youth sports organizations, community groups, and social services organizations.  The governing Board of the OCGA is made up of volunteers from these local and provincial member organizations, elected annually from across the province.  For more information, visit: